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Dec 20

Are the church and Kook Jin Nim lying to and suing members?

imageQuestion: Are the church and Kook Jin Nim lying to the members about lawsuits and suing members as an intimidation tactic? 

Short answer: Yes, they are. Several first and second generation members were sued by the church and/or Kook Jin Nim. And Kook Jin Nim did lie about the lawsuits publicly in front of a full crowd at one of In Jin Nim’s LLM sermons. Fortunately, most of the lawsuits initiated by them are very ill-conceived and they have lost most of the cases. To read more about how they lied to members and how they are wasting public money, click on Read More to read the Long answer.

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Oct 31

Was Phyllis Kim and Joshua Cotter’s tour approved by True Father?

False!!Question: In early 2010 there was a tour done by Peter Kim’s wife (Phyllis Kim) and Joshua Cotter with negative content about Hyun Jin Nim. Was this tour approved by True Father?

Short answer: No. The tour was not approved by True Father and there is strong evidence of it. Click on Read More to read the Long answer that has the contents of an email correspondence that explains this.

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Oct 29

What happened on November 19, 2009, during Hoon Dok Hae?

True Father censoredQuestion: I heard that True Father was upset with Hyung Jin Nim’s UPF inauguration on November 19, 2009, and that he said certain things. Is this true? What did he say? Why can’t I find any record of what he said?

Short answer: It looks like we will never have the official text of what True Father said that day. The only form of proof are the notes of a participant at the HDH session. Apparently, these words by Father were requested to be stricken out of the record and deleted by someone way up in the UC ranks (someone with enough influence and power to delete TF’s words). However, the notes of this Hoon Dok session made it through the censorship and we have the notes.

Click on Read More for the Long answer that contains the notes.

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Oct 28

Are the lawsuits being done with True Parents permission?

Question: Are all these big lawsuits being done with True Parents’ permission? 

Short answer: Not all of them are approved by True Parents. The church leadership is fond of saying that the lawsuits are approved by True Parents, however, there is recent evidence that seems to show that they have been using True Parents’ name in front of members when they had actually not received permission for their actions. This is specially true about the Yoido lawsuit which True Father allegedly asked on August 3, 2012, to be ceased.  

Click on Read More to read the Long answer and find out more about this.

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Oct 24

Was it really True Mother’s decision to have Kook Jin Nim step down? And other rumors…

Questions: Is it true that True Mother decided to have Kook Jin Nim step down? Also, is it true that Dong Moon Joo will be taking over Sun Moon University? And finally, is it true that the Tongil Foundation started questioning True Mother’s authority?

Short answer: Yes. Yes. And, yes. That’s correct. 

Click on Read More to get the long answer. 

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Did True Parents ask Kook Jin Nim to step down?

Question: Did True Parents ask Kook Jin Nim to step down from his position as chairman of the Tongil Foundation?

Short answer: Yes, they did. True Father and True Mother specifically told Kook Jin Nim to step down on several occasions. True Father first said that he never put Kook Jin Nim in the position of chairman and now True Mother is asking him to resign.

Click on Read More to see the actual posts from the official Tongil Foundation page on this issue that confirm it.

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Are the latest lawsuits done with True Parents’ permission?

Question: Are the latest lawsuits really done with True Parents’ permission?

Short answer: No. So far there is proof that the recent lawsuits and appeals were not True Parents’ instructions. It can be argued that True Parents may have agreed on some of them, but the decision to do the lawsuits and pursue appeals originates from elsewhere. Someone else is calling the shots.

But click on Read More for the long answer and full article. 

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Oct 08

Anonymous said: A leader told me, "Hyun Jin Nim was not blocked. He was invited to go to the Original Palace to pay his respects to True Father. He was told that the entourage would have to offer their respects at the stadium, just like the tens of thousands of other members who had come from around the world to honor True Father." What is your perspective?

This is partly true. HJN tried to go see TF’s body and TM allowed it on the second attempt. However, KJN vetoed TM and he blocked HJN from actually entering by barricading the road with Japanese members. Apparently, this really upset TM. 

More information on HJN’s attempts to see TF at the hospital and later to see TF’s body can be found here (organized chronologically—you have to go back to the first post and read from there).

The church claims that if the people who accompanied HJN would only have followed proper protocol they would have been allowed in to see TF’s body. However, this is a lie. Mr. Dan Gray went to Korea to see TF’s body at his own expense and he followed all “proper protocol”. He was singled out of a line of hundreds of members and was denied entry. You can read his testimony (PDF). Another person from the Philippines working with HJN had the same experience. 

To summarize:

1) The people who went with HJN first asked that they wanted to see TF’s body. This was denied because the church officials said that the people accompanying HJN hadn’t “followed proper protocol” and didn’t “submit their names” to receive the necessary “ribbon” to enter. Then the people who came with HJN changed their terms asking only to be allowed to walk half-way up the mountain to see that HJN made it into the CJG without incident. This was a reasonable request. They were not asking to go inside to see TF any longer. This was denied too.

2) On the second attempt, TM said that HJN was allowed to enter. HJN went with a group of 2nd gens. but this time the road was blocked by Japanese members. Not only that, but KJN demanded that HJN sign a document if he was to go inside. Meaning that even if he tried to enter alone, he would have to sign some document. There was a clear intention by KJN to block him from entering to pay his respects to Father.

3) At the scene, the church official said that all these members had to follow “proper protocol,” had to have submitted their names ahead of time and had to have a ribbon like the rest of the members. If only they had followed that protocol, they would have been let inside. They reiterated this message to the press (and other things as well) when explaining the conflict.

4) Dan Gray followed all proper protocol and went to Korea, received his ribbon. He was standing in line for TF’s viewing. The church leaders spotted him and immediately brought security guards to remove him. The same thing happened to Dr. Zablan who works in GPFF also followed proper protocol but was removed by security guards. They were both singled out from a crowd of thousands of members. This shows that there was no intention of letting anyone working with HJN to go see TF’s body whether they followed “proper protocol” or not. The excuse about “protocol” was a lie used on the UC members to portray an image of fairness and of the UC leaders being reasonable.

Sep 25

Did Kook Jin Nim say his brother is “Satan”?

Question: Did Kook Jin Nim publicly say that his brother is “Satan”?

Short answer: Yes. In an interview on the May, 2011 issue of Shin Dong A magazine in Korea, Kook Jin Nim stated that, “It is theologically evident that my brother is Satan”. 

But don’t take my word for it. 

Click on Read More for the long answer and full article…

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Sep 24

Did True Father put Kook Jin Nim in his position?

Question: Did True Father install Kook Jin Nim as president of the Tongil Foundation?

Short answer: No, he did not. Several church leaders such as Tim Elder and Kook Jin Nim himself are claiming that it was so, but that is not true. It was not True Father who appointed Kook Jin Nim to the position of president of the Tongil Foundation.

But click on Read More to see the long answer that explains why this is the case…

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Sep 12

The Rev. Hwang scandal

Question: Is it true that Father named Sun Jo Hwang to be his representative? And is it true that Kook Jin Nim made Hwang and all the leaders deny it and made Hwang sign a loyalty pledge to him? And why is this relevant?

Short answer: Yes, it’s true and it’s true. This episode in our movement is relevant because it clearly demonstrates leaders like Kook Jin Nim working against Father’s orders and the lengths to which they will go for it. 

In 2011 for a brief period there was a lot of talk about Rev. Sun Jo Hwang. Father had appointed Rev. Hwang to be his representative and said that he should be above Hyung Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim. This did not bode well with them. Immediately they initiated a campaign to destroy the image of Hwang…

But, click on “Read More” for the Long answer

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Blocking Hyun Jin Nim from seeing Father

Question: Is it true that the church leaders are actively blocking Hyun Jin Nim from seeing True Father?

Short answer: Yes, it’s true. They blocked him when he tried to go see Father at the hospital (they failed). They blocked him again when he tried to see Father at the hospital a second time. And they blocked him twice when Hyun Jin Nim was trying to see Father’s body at the Seong Hwa in Chung Pyung.

For more information (and pictures) on the situation, go to You will have to read from the back pages towards the front pages for it to make chronological sense.

Aug 02

UC Leaks: UC Leaders Violate True Parents’ Ideals and Directions? -


In November 2010, Rev. Joshua Cotter, the Executive Vice President of the Unification Church in America did a nationwide tour with Tongil Foundation Chairman Kook Jin Moon. Joshua Cotter shared the following presentation entitled ‘A Period of Great Transition in History.’

A Period of Great…

Jul 31

Answering rumors: Denying True Parents?


1) Does Hyun Jin Nim think he doesn’t need True Parents?

2) Did he proclaim himself to be a new set of True Parents?

3) Is he acting out of a negative emotion of envy and jealousy?

Short answer: No. No. And no. 

These are all false accusations being thrown around lightly by some leaders. These rumors were even spread all the way up to True Parents. When Father heard that Hyun Jin Nim’s couple was trying to become a new set of True Parents, he was very upset. However, these rumors are not true. If anyone makes such claims, please correct them.

Jul 30

Does True Father think the Family Federation still exists?

Question: Does True Father know that the “Family Federation” signboard was taken down and the signboard of the “Unification Church” was put up again? 

Short answer: It seems that True Father is not aware of this change. If the name change were an official providential act, then there would have been a big ceremony as there had been on July 31, 1996, when he inaugurated the Family Federation and declared the end of the Unification Church. Or at least he would give some providential explanation or comment of why we had to go back to the Church. True Father has not done this. So it is possible that Father himself is not aware of the official name change initiated by Hyung Jin Nim. 

Click on “Read More” for the Long answer

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